Sleep Coaching Plans 

From 4 years to 10 years

Full, One-on-One Support Option

100% Success Rate!

Meets all of your sleep support needs with




  • Personalized Expert Sleep Assessment

  • ​Personalized Sleep Plan that is unique to your child and family's specific needs

  • Easy to use Sleep Tracking System

  • Room Set-up Guide

  • Step-by-Step Bedtime Routine and Schedule

  • 2 weeks of ONE-ON-ONE SUPPORT where I am available to you throughout the day and evening to encourage, coach and answer any questions (the secret sauce!)

  • I am walking with you each day and night of your plan ensuring you have all the help you need.

  • Virtual, Personalized Teaching and Q&A session to review your kiddo's  unique Sleep Plan and answer all questions you may have.

  • End of Coaching Celebration where we toast to your new found sleep and peaceful home!



Light Support Option

I Set You Up for Success

and  You Do the Follow Through



  • Personalized Expert Sleep Assessment

  • Personalized Sleep Plan unique to your child and family's needs

  • Room Set-Up Guide

  • Step-by-step Bedtime Routine and Schedule

  • Virtual,  Personalized Teaching and Q&A Session where we review your Personalized Sleep Plan and I will answer all of your questions.

  • You implement your two week plan on your own.