Sleep Support Plans

For Little Ones 3 months to 1 year 
Loving mom carying of her newborn baby a

Full, One-on-One Support Option

100% Success Rate!

Meets All of Your Sleep Support Needs with



  • Personalized Sleep Plan that meets your little one's unique needs for sleep

  • Easy- to -use Personalized Sleep Tracker

  • One hour Teaching and Question Session with me to review your little one's sleep needs and their Sleep Plan and work through any questions you may have.​

  • 14 FULL DAYS and NIGHTS OF FULL FOLLOW UP SUPPORT! (the secret sauce!)

  • ​I am available to you throughout the day and evening to help with implementing your plan and encourage you along the way.

  • One hour End of Coaching Celebration Session where we celebrate your victory and I coach you through some changes that you may see in the near future.     

Payment plans are available!



Infant Sleep E-course 

(coming in February 2021)


I Set You Up for Success and You do the Follow Through on Your Own


  • Infant Sleep Teaching included sleep needs, awake periods, how to help your child nap and more

  • Easy- to -use Personalized Sleep Tracker

  • You implement a generalized Sleep Plan on your own