For Expecting Mamas
who want to give their babies the gift of sleep and healthy development from the very beginning.

Coaching Options

Expectant Mama

Personal Coaching

Expectant Mama

Online Course

  • Personalized Newborn Sleep Plan designed specifically for your family's needs

  • Personalized Ideal Feeding and Sleeping Daily Schedule

  • Nursery Set up Guide tailored to your home and specific room

  • 1 hour of  Zoom One-0n-One, Personalized Sleep Education that includes lots of  Q&A time to answer any questions you may have.

  • Can be bundled with Newborn Sleep Coaching Option  to include 12 weeks of my incredibly successful, personalized coaching after your sweet  baby is born. If chosen - you receive a 20% off discount on your Newborn Coaching Package! 



Available starting 12/2020! 

  • Virtual course with everything you need to know about Newborn sleep needs and helpful sleep tips

  • Ideal Newborn Schedules

  • Nursery Set up Guide

  • Can be bundled with my Newborn Sleep Coaching Option for 12 weeks of my incredibly successful, personalized coaching after your sweet baby is born!  If you choose this option - you receive 20% off your choice of Newborn Package!

Yes! I would want to step into my best life from Day 1! I want to be the best, well-rested version of myself! Let's do this!

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